Feeling the spring.

May has arrived and we’re one month closer to summer. As much as I want the summer right now, I can’t complain about spring either. I’ve been outside hunting beaver for several hours this spring and I really enjoy sitting outside watching birds and animals around me. The best part of hunting is that the animals don’t notice you that easily and they can get really close. The other day I met what we call a “korsrev” here in Norway. It’s a red fox with black markings that makes a cross on its back. They can also be mostly black instead of red. They’re not that common and I feel honored to have met one. When I met it I was strolling along the water to look for beavers and I left my camera at the spot I had been sitting. When I finally got back to my camera and tried to take a photo of it as it chased swans on the field behind me it had ran too far away and I couldn’t get a good picture of it, sadly.


The sky was so beautiful that evening. I had to take this photo after I had tried to snap one of the fox. I absolutely love this place.




Hunting in Sweden

On Wednesday my boyfriend and I came home from our trip to Sweden. It has been a fantastic weekend with hunting almost every night, great people and, of course, some alcohol.

Friday began with me shooting my very first wild boar. It was very exciting and I hope that I can do it again sometime. I felt it was way too easy and that I had a lot of luck on Friday. I need it to be more challenging next time. It was a 40 – 50kg male, approx 1 year old. It was a great start!


On Saturday and Sunday we went out hunting beaver. My boyfriend and I have been hunting beavers here at home for some time, but why not hunt some in Sweden as well? My boyfriend shot 2 at the same place in 10 minutes on Saturday. On Sunday I had one up close and I was told to shoot it in water if I had the opportunity. I clearly had the opportunity (it was swimming 5m away from me), but I chose to wait and see if it wanted to get on land, which was stupid. 10 seconds later it dived into the water and disappeared. It was very fun watching it though. Such a fascinating and cute animal. It was so happy floating around with a stick in its mouth, haha.

Here are some pictures from when we were hunting beaver on Saturday and Sunday. The swedish forest is beautiful!



We had a great time and we look forward to visit Jocke and his family again later. We ended our trip with celebreating “Valborgsmässoafton” with Jockes family and friends. We ate great food, drank great drinks and had a very good time. We also sat in the sauna for some time as well. So relaxing!

This weekend we are going to my boyfriends cabin and I look so forward to just relax, read Harry Potter and do absolutely NOTHING. But first, I’m going to visit the farm of a friend of mine. They have lots of lambs there now and I was asked to help them out a bit. Such a great start on this weekend. #cuddle

Ending this with a cute picture of Jockes dog Berit and my boyfriend.


Easter 2019

The first half of the easter was spent with my family. Sadly I kinda forgot that I own a camera and because of that I dont have any pictures of the first half. We went to Sweden and bought some candy (its a lot cheaper over there), some alcohol and tasty food. My cousin and I watched the first episode of the last Game of Thrones season. So unreal that we’re finally watching it. What to do when GoT has ended?!

After some good times with my family I went home. My boyfriend and I have been hunting beavers for some weeks and now they’re finally getting very active. I enjoy watching the beavers and I think they’re intelligent, fun and interesting animals. Sadly they do a lot of damage when they live close to roads and fields. The roads gets flooded, the fields gets flooded as well and they do a lot of damage on the nearby forest. Some of the landlords nearby have asked us if we could help them with the beaver problems, and we said yes. I wish we could just move them to a new home in the forest far away from people, but that’s not gonna work.

On Wednesday my boyfriend and I went to different locations. We both shot one each, and here’s mine. This is my second beaver this season and we’re going out hunting again today.

Just adding a picture of one of the locations and my first beaver this season.

I know hunting looks a bit brutal (I thought so myself earlier), but I promise you, these beavers did not suffer at all. They both died instantly with a clean shot and they were both unaware of what happened. They experienced no stress, no pain and a quick death.

Annyway – back to the vacation!

On Friday we went up to the mountains and spent the weekend with a couple of friends on a cabin with beautiful surroundings. Once again, I barely remembered that I brought a camera, so here’s 4 pictures from Friday. That’s all I got.

PÅSKEN 2019_31

This is my new favourite picture of my boyfriend and his old lady Tequila. My dog Tyr is spotted in the background, looking for the perfect spot to pee on.

PÅSKEN 2019_28PÅSKEN 2019_26PÅSKEN 2019_25

This morning my boyfriend left for work 6.30 and I took the dogs out for a morning-walk. Back to reality..

Looking forward to Friday when my boyfriend and I go to Sweden for some days. We have been invited to a friend of ours for some wild boar and beaver hunt. Will try using my camera a bit more this weekend. I promise.

Hope you all had a great easter celebration!

Fun Times!

This weekend my boyfriend brought me to Näsfjell in Sweden to have some fun in the snow. Earlier this winter he introduced me to snowmobiling and I was lucky to join him again this weekend. I don’t have my own snowmobile yet, so I have to borrow his and he has to borrow someone elses and because of that I can’t always join him. I learned some new tricks this weekend and I really enjoy riding, even though I’m FAR from good. I have the guts to try things and I’m not afraid of hurting myself (I have lots of bruises on my legs, arms and stomach now..) but I just can’t control the sled properly yet. I guess this will come eventually. I have been offered to buy my boyfriends snowmobile now if he decides to buy a new one, and I’m really considering it. I’m getting a really good deal, so we’ll see. It would’ve been fun.



I managed to “force” my boyfriend into taking this picture with me. I’m a fan of Maria Sandberg who’s a professional norwegian snowmobile driver. I really like some of the pictures she posts on her instagram with her sled, and I had to take a similar picture with my boyfriend. I just had to. He thinks I’m lame, but that’s okay. He still loves me.


As you can see there’s a lot of snow in Sweden as well now. It’s getting deeper and deeper. One day my boyfriend might disappear somewhere.


This man is my life, just sayin’. Thanks to him I get to try out so many things I’d like to try for a long time. Best thing is that I really enjoy doing them as well.

Already looking forward to the next trip. Hopefully I’ll get another one this winter.


When using different lenses I just had to try out my Tamron 70 – 300mm with a macro function. I’ve owned  it since 2017, but never used it. The reason is because I like my 18 – 200mm waaay to good. I’m pretty sure that this 70 – 300mm is perfect for distanse wildlife photography, but I just never remember that I have it..

We have a beaver in the river next to our house, I should bring this lense over there and try to snap some shots of it. That would be fun!

I just tried it on some ice outside our living room window today.. BORING. But honestly, I really like this lens. I should use it more often.



I just wanted to share my photography instagram. My friend told me the other day that I should use it more often, and I decided to do some new edits of some old shots, take some new shots etc and post on it again. The last photo for a while was posted in September 2017 and I dont think it could harm using it a bit more. Going to try upload more than 1 picture every month at least.


Tyr & Tequila

Today I went outside to photograph two of our dogs. They are really good models, as long as you have some treats available. I think the pictures came out nicely and I need to test some other locations etc later.

I used my Canon EOS 80D and Canon 50mm lens.
Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.




Today I met our neighbours next door. They were very kind and I look forward to meet them again. They are so pretty and majestic!

Taken with my Canon EOS 80D and Tamron 18 – 200mm.

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This old lady has been sick lately and I have to stay away because of school. I think of her all the time and hope that she will get well again soon. Been looking at these pictures I took of her last week. Looking forward to see her and cuddle with her again on Friday ❤


Testing Olympus Selfie Mode

As I mentioned yesterday I got my new Olympus pen E-PL8 a couple of days ago. Today I wanted to test the selfie mode, and this is going to be my new selfie camera. The pictures are so good, and you can turn the screen when photographing your selfies, which make it much easier taking them! I really love it. Sorry for the selfie spam, haha.