Fun Times!

This weekend my boyfriend brought me to Näsfjell in Sweden to have some fun in the snow. Earlier this winter he introduced me to snowmobiling and I was lucky to join him again this weekend. I don’t have my own snowmobile yet, so I have to borrow his and he has to borrow someone elses and because of that I can’t always join him. I learned some new tricks this weekend and I really enjoy riding, even though I’m FAR from good. I have the guts to try things and I’m not afraid of hurting myself (I have lots of bruises on my legs, arms and stomach now..) but I just can’t control the sled properly yet. I guess this will come eventually. I have been offered to buy my boyfriends snowmobile now if he decides to buy a new one, and I’m really considering it. I’m getting a really good deal, so we’ll see. It would’ve been fun.



I managed to “force” my boyfriend into taking this picture with me. I’m a fan of Maria Sandberg who’s a professional norwegian snowmobile driver. I really like some of the pictures she posts on her instagram with her sled, and I had to take a similar picture with my boyfriend. I just had to. He thinks I’m lame, but that’s okay. He still loves me.


As you can see there’s a lot of snow in Sweden as well now. It’s getting deeper and deeper. One day my boyfriend might disappear somewhere.


This man is my life, just sayin’. Thanks to him I get to try out so many things I’d like to try for a long time. Best thing is that I really enjoy doing them as well.

Already looking forward to the next trip. Hopefully I’ll get another one this winter.


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