Easter 2019

The first half of the easter was spent with my family. Sadly I kinda forgot that I own a camera and because of that I dont have any pictures of the first half. We went to Sweden and bought some candy (its a lot cheaper over there), some alcohol and tasty food. My cousin and I watched the first episode of the last Game of Thrones season. So unreal that we’re finally watching it. What to do when GoT has ended?!

After some good times with my family I went home. My boyfriend and I have been hunting beavers for some weeks and now they’re finally getting very active. I enjoy watching the beavers and I think they’re intelligent, fun and interesting animals. Sadly they do a lot of damage when they live close to roads and fields. The roads gets flooded, the fields gets flooded as well and they do a lot of damage on the nearby forest. Some of the landlords nearby have asked us if we could help them with the beaver problems, and we said yes. I wish we could just move them to a new home in the forest far away from people, but that’s not gonna work.

On Wednesday my boyfriend and I went to different locations. We both shot one each, and here’s mine. This is my second beaver this season and we’re going out hunting again today.

Just adding a picture of one of the locations and my first beaver this season.

I know hunting looks a bit brutal (I thought so myself earlier), but I promise you, these beavers did not suffer at all. They both died instantly with a clean shot and they were both unaware of what happened. They experienced no stress, no pain and a quick death.

Annyway – back to the vacation!

On Friday we went up to the mountains and spent the weekend with a couple of friends on a cabin with beautiful surroundings. Once again, I barely remembered that I brought a camera, so here’s 4 pictures from Friday. That’s all I got.

PÅSKEN 2019_31

This is my new favourite picture of my boyfriend and his old lady Tequila. My dog Tyr is spotted in the background, looking for the perfect spot to pee on.

PÅSKEN 2019_28PÅSKEN 2019_26PÅSKEN 2019_25

This morning my boyfriend left for work 6.30 and I took the dogs out for a morning-walk. Back to reality..

Looking forward to Friday when my boyfriend and I go to Sweden for some days. We have been invited to a friend of ours for some wild boar and beaver hunt. Will try using my camera a bit more this weekend. I promise.

Hope you all had a great easter celebration!