Feeling the spring.

May has arrived and we’re one month closer to summer. As much as I want the summer right now, I can’t complain about spring either. I’ve been outside hunting beaver for several hours this spring and I really enjoy sitting outside watching birds and animals around me. The best part of hunting is that the animals don’t notice you that easily and they can get really close. The other day I met what we call a “korsrev” here in Norway. It’s a red fox with black markings that makes a cross on its back. They can also be mostly black instead of red. They’re not that common and I feel honored to have met one. When I met it I was strolling along the water to look for beavers and I left my camera at the spot I had been sitting. When I finally got back to my camera and tried to take a photo of it as it chased swans on the field behind me it had ran too far away and I couldn’t get a good picture of it, sadly.


The sky was so beautiful that evening. I had to take this photo after I had tried to snap one of the fox. I absolutely love this place.




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