Puppy Mom

Alva og Linnea_63

In just a couple of days our dog Alva will become a mother for the first time. It wasn’t planned at all, but we still look very forward to meet our new family memebers. It doesn’t look like she has more than 2 – 3 puppies, and that’s perfect. She just moved into our bedroom and she’s being watched day and night. Who knows, maybe they’re here tomorrow morning?

Alva og Linnea_108

Just look at her pretty face! I look very forward to see her minions. I hope everything goes well without any problems of any sort. I’ve never done anything like this, but I think it’s going to be alright. I have helped sheep in labour earlier, and as I was told yesterday by a veterinary: “it’s not that different”. Made me feel a lot better!

Alva og Linnea_37Alva og Linnea_23Alva og Linnea_2

I promise you, pictures of the puppies will be uploaded as fast as possible!


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