1 week

Today Max is already 1 week old. I have decided to take pictures of him each week so that I can see how fast he grows. It’s not that easy to see how big he’s gotten since the first pictures, but I promise you, he has grown a lot!

In 3 – 4 days I hope to see his eyes for the first time! He eats a lot every day and sleep well. His wounds are getting a lot better and we really think and hope this will end good in the end. We need to take him for a check at the veterinary when he’s 4 weeks old. She’s going to check if he has any damaged muscles after his mother bit him. He looks fine when he moves now and he doesn’t scream because of the pain anymore, and because of that we truly believe that he will be fully recovered during the next week.

Max 1 uke_2Max 1 uke_6Max 1 uke_12Max 1 uke_16Max 1 uke_17Max 1 uke_30Max 1 uke_33


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