On Monday we came home from our little hunting vaycay in Sweden. As always it was a very cosy trip and we really enjoyed our stay at Jocke’s house together with his family. We had this really great dinner on Friday with some other fellow hunters. We actually skipped hunting on Friday because we all had such a good time. I did do a little post from our trip out onThursday, and we didnt get any wildboars that day. Saturday was even worse, but on Sunday, the last day before we had to go home, my boyfriend shot a wildboar. It was his second one. I told him that next time, it was my turn again, hopefully. It felt very nice to come home again. I’ve really missed our dear and beloved children (our 5 dogs). Max had grown a lot the past 4 days and he’s now more active than ever. He will be 5 weeks tomorrow, so stay tuned for some new shots!


Took this picture while waiting for wildboar on Sunday. I actually saw 5 deers, 2 hares, 1 cat, 3 wildboars (that I couldn’t shoot because they were too big and we were only allowed to shoot wildboars that weighted max 50kg) and a large bird that I didnt know what was.

jakt i sverige - ferie_2

Here’s a picture from Thursday. Boyfriend is looking for wildboars on one of the hunting fields. The only thing we saw is pictured under this text. Deer.

jakt i sverige - feriejakt i sverige - ferie_8

I know that I have posted some of these pictures earlier, but I felt it would be great to just add everyone to this post. We also met these moose twins on Thursday.

jakt i sverige - ferie_18

And this wildboar. Sadly it was too big to shoot and it was on the wrong field, so we couldn’t hunt there. They are kinda cute.

jakt i sverige - ferie_20

This was my view from my hunting tower on Sunday. It was very nice outside. Almost no wind, beautiful colors on the sky and a lot of animals around me. Such a peaceful and quiet evening. I also had to fight against the huge swarms of mosqitoes attacking me, but I think I won.

jakt i sverige - ferie_87jakt i sverige - ferie_76

This beautiful buck came over and visited me. I tried to talk to him and to get his attention, but it wasn’t that easy. I think he was very focused on something else. Luckily he stopped for a second and stared at me and I was very happy with some of the pictures I got. This is one of the larger ones when you look at his antlers.

jakt i sverige - ferie_95

And here’s my boyfriend with his wildboar. This boar is actually under 1 year old. It was a male and we all thought it would be between 40 and 50kg. When we put it on the scale it said 64kg (!!) way larger than we all thought. And, with that it was a bit too big because our limit was 50kg. No big deal in the end, because the most important rule was to shoot wildboars under 1 year of age and NO mothers. There was a huge amount of mothers with cute little piggies around as well.


And, in the end, I have to wrap this all up with another picture of this chihuahua mix we met. I’m not a fan of small breeds, but it’s still very cute!

jakt i sverige - ferie_62

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