My name is Linnea.


My life began in 1994. I’m from Norway, from a place called Stor Elvdal.
I live happily with my boyfriend and our 4 dogs. I began studying kindergarten teacher in 2018 and look very forward to be done in 2021.

I have always been very creative and photography has always been close to my heart. All my recent pictures are taken with my Canon EOS 80D, Olympus pen E-PL8 or my Samsung Galaxy S9. I’m also a huge music lover. My top 3 favourite genres are Soundtracks, Metal and Hardstyle. 3 very different kinds of music. I’m weird.

I love being outside and feeling the nature around me. I really enjoy seeing wild animals, experience great views and explore new places out in the nature. I recently began hunting, and this is something I want to continue with. My boyfriend is a very active hunter and I must say he has influenced me a lot. Being able to live of food that you have gathered yourself means a lot to me and nothing feels better than eating a meal that you have worked for yourself.

Thank you for reading this blog!

6 thoughts on “About

      • Haha, no worries, be happy 🙂 Thank you for following me back.

        Now this is a good update, you’ve done that quite fast! Interesting study you follow. I guess the skills you learn in photography are useful and vice versa.



      • No problem! 🙂
        Yeah, it’s sort of my basic information these days, haha. I never find it hard writing about myself when it comes to blogs and stuff. I just write down the basics 🙂
        Nah, my 3D and photography doesn’t cross that much, really. I’d like it if they did, but sadly they don’t. At the same time, it’s good ’cause if I had to work with some photography stuff at school, it would ruin the feelings and joy I have for the photography hobby 🙂

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      • I do understand the last point you made! For now, I like that photography isn’t my job, that would mean that I’ve lost a hobby 😉

        Happy Sunday!



  1. The devil is always in the details. We would like to think about the future, but the past is always present to haunt us. This will be one less issue to think abt.Tuohank you, Bob, for doing the research.


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