Autumn part II

Here’s the pictures I took today. Today was the last chance in some weeks that I had to capture anything. Wish the weather could’ve been better. They start the moose hunting tomorrow and it’s really dangerous wandering around in the forests when the hunters are out. You can easily be mistaken for a moose in foggy places and get shot. It has happened so many times already (not with me of course) and I really don’t want to be next.

IMG_1318 copy

IMG_1323 copy

IMG_1338 copy

IMG_1345 copy

IMG_1347 copy

IMG_1359 copy

IMG_1373 copy

IMG_1383 copy

IMG_1387 copy

IMG_1389 copy

IMG_1391 copy

It annoys me that my pictures seem to be in low quality here, but so be it!