Tyr & Tequila

Today I went outside to photograph two of our dogs. They are really good models, as long as you have some treats available. I think the pictures came out nicely and I need to test some other locations etc later.

I used my Canon EOS 80D and Canon 50mm lens.
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Ireland – Meeting Game of Thrones, Part II

When we arrived at Pattys Barn we ate a delicious lunch in nicely decorated rooms. They had items from the series all around and we sat by Loras Tyrells helmet.

IMG_1681 copy

IMG_1682 copy

After the lunch we got to know who we were going to meet. We got to meet Thor and Odin, the dogs who play Grey Wind and Summer in the show. Normally you’d think that it would’ve been disappointing when you had expected people, but I got even happier when I heard the news. I really love animals and meeting them was really amazing. They were so nice, kind and happy, and they didn’t have anything in mind if you wanted to take pictures of them.

IMG_1687 copy

This is Thor (Grey Wind)

IMG_1691 copy

And this is Odin (Summer)

IMG_1712 copy

This is the owners. William (to the left) told us a lot about when HBO called him and asked  if they could use his dogs for the show. The one to the right is his father. They have both been in Game of Thrones and Williams brother was on set recording a battle scene for GoT as we spoke. His father had this scrapbook that he had made from the series. He could be seen as a dothraki slave master in 6 episodes during season 1. He had pictures of himself in the background in different scenes and on the front of the book he has glued a horseshoe. That horseshoe was attached to Emilia Clarkes horse, when she, as Daenerys was riding and talking to Jorah Mormont on the trail in season 1. He was in the back of the shot and her horse left one of its shoes. He picked it up and glued it to the book. He also mentioned that his son was playing the wildling that saved Jon Snow from white walkers in the “Hardhome” episode in season 5. He had pictures of his son together with Kit Harington (Jon) and Kistofer Hivju (Tormund). They were very nice and gave us a lot of information about themselves, the show and of course the dogs.

IMG_1717 copy

IMG_1724 copy

They told us that Ghost, Thor and Odin had the same parents. Their mothers name was Cookie (Williams father told us that you should never argue with a 6 year old girl when you want to name your pet) and their fathers name was Moon. They were really pretty, and of course, so are the pups. Both pretty and famous. They also had pictures showing us who was who in the direwolf puppy scene in season 1. During the time they also mentioned that Kit Harington (Jon Snow) was a huge fan of the dogs and he had grew very fond of them. Whenever he was around he loved to visit them and say hi. I think I would’ve done the same, because the dogs were amazingly great.

IMG_1726 copy

I mentioned that I was from Norway and William was a huge fan of norse mythology, vikings and Scandinavia. He told me that he wanted to visit Norway someday and we spoke for some time about the country and vikings. William has (it really suits him btw) been in Vikings as well and can be seen in some of the scenes there too. Vikings does also have most of their sets in Ireland, so William had actually never been to Norway, even though Vikings is set in some parts in Norway.

IMG_1734 copy

Cuddling with Odin was great. His long fur and calmness was really amazing. I didn’t want to leave, but we had to. We still had some locations left.

IMG_1736 copy

03 07

Richard (Robb) holding Thor (Grey Wind) and Isaac (Bran) holding Odin (Summer) in the show.

Next stop was Winterfell. It’s far from how it looks in the series and you can’t really see many similarities there. Most of the set was set up by green screen and props that they built and took down again after recording. It was still beautiful though.

IMG_1740 copy

Here we’re standing on the exact same spot as the Stark family was standing when they welcomed King Robert to Winterfell in season 1.


IMG_1744 copy

IMG_1750 copy

Next stop was the location where Brienne and Jaime arrive with a boat and they find the three hanged people in the tree. We could see the tree, the branch the people hang from and the spot where Jaime was tied to. It was a really beautiful place and a great setting.


IMG_1754 copy

IMG_1757 copy

At the exact same area we visited Robb Starks camp where they keep Jaime as prisoner. They also used the tower in the area as The Twins of Walder Frey.

IMG_1766 copy

IMG_1774 copy

This is Winterfells brothel. This is where we meet Tyrion Lannister for the first time.

IMG_1776 copy

IMG_1786 copy

Me being all weird and happy with Renly Baratheons crown.

At the end we went to the ruins of a really nice chapel. This is where Robb Stark was crowned King in the North. On the bus to the locations we had a quiz and the winner was going to be crowned the king/queen in the North at this location. We all got dressed up in cloaks, swords, helmets and shields.

IMG_1790 copy

IMG_1793 copy

IMG_1794 copy

Here’s our Queen.

IMG_1806 copy


Robb was crowned during night, so it’s a bit hard seeing it all, but you can see the middle window in the shot that he’s standing under.

IMG_1827 copy

I was very eager to get crowned myself, so I had to run for my ceremony.

IMG_1830 copy

IMG_1832 copy

IMG_1839 copy

We had a lovely day and this is something I’d like to do again. It was really fun, informative and it really made my GoT-fan heart a lot better. If you ever travel to Dublin or Belfast I would’ve gone on this tour. It’s worth all the time and money. You get to see so many beautiful locations and you also get the bonus, amazing nature.