Yesterday my mom called me and asked me if I wanted to buy some macarons at the Pascal bakery in Oslo for my birthday. I really wanted some and my mom gave me some money so that I could buy a pack of 18. Macarons are really delicious and if you haven’t heard of Pascal or tasted his cakes, you really should. He makes the most delicious cakes in the world. At least I think so and you should take a trip to one of his bakeries sometime. You will not regret it. I loved seeing my macarons in their box so I had to take thousands of pics of them. They just look so tasty and yummy. Sadly I have to wait for Saturday and Sunday before I can eat any of them. Now they’re in my fridge and every time I open the fridge door my mouth automatically opens and wants to eat them. I can’t open the fridge anymore, I really can’t.

IMG_9426 copy IMG_9425 copy
IMG_9437 copy IMG_9428 copy IMG_9432 copy
IMG_9447 copy


Today it was really cold when I went to school, so I wore a oversized tank top, ripped pants and a huge jacket today. That was a huge mistake. It was so god damn warm. So, when I got home I found a dress I bought in London 1,5 year ago and decided to put it on. I really can’t understand why I haven’t used it more.

IMG_9409 copy IMG_9410 copy

Yeah, I did the laundry yesterday… Anyway, I really like those open holes on the side of my dress. Makes it a lot cooler!