I have a hedgehog in my garden.

Today when my boyfriend went to work he opened the door and screamed: “LINNEA!! THERE’S A HEDGEHOG HERE!!”. Where I come from hedgehogs are rare and in my 21 year long life, I’ve never seen one up close and alive. Further south in the country where my boyfriend and I live now, it’s a bit more common. I wanted to see one while living here, and today was the day! It’s been hiding in a storage room in our garden all day and I’ve spent 1 hour talking to it and “played” hide and seek. I think it’s afraid of me still and I don’t think I will dare to touch it. It looks frightening and was a lot bigger than I had expected. Anyway, it’s very cute and in Norway we call them; “Pinnsvin”.That’s why I just call it “Pinne” for now. I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl and I don’t have the guts to find out either. I fear it’s going to sting me or bite me or something. I don’t want to scare it either, so I think it’s just going to be left alone for some time now.

IMG_0044 copy IMG_0045 copy

It’ so cute!

Other than having fun with my new friend, I’ve been coloring. I don’t know if this is popular in your country, but coloring in coloring books has gotten really popular in Norway. I found this cool coloring book in Sweden last weekend with tattoo motives and I really like it. It helps me calm down when I need a break from my final exam.

IMG_0047 copy IMG_0053 copy IMG_0055 copy IMG_0057 copy

I also use Dervents “Inktense” pencils and I love using them. They’re great!