More pictures of the lambs

Yesterday I managed to get the cute lambs outside in the sun. I had in mind that I will get some great shots of them, but they just couldn’t keep still. They have so much energy, I have no words for it. I think their mother is getting tired of all their energy, but I guess it just proves that they’re healthy and fine.

1 small

3 small 2

4 small

6 small

5 small

7 small

9 small

10 small
Their mother still has her pregnancy belly, but hopefully it will go away soon. She looks way too big now, haha.

Lambs in September.

Many of you know that sheeps give birth to lambs during spring. Now we’re in September, and a week ago my boyfriends father called him and told him that one of his sheep had given birth to 2 healthy lambs. A girl and a boy. They’re very cute and like to cuddle, just like their mother. Had a tiny photo session with them today, but it was already getting darker, so the light wasn’t that good. Hopefully I’ll be able to take some better pics of them tomorrow.

1 big

2 big

3 big

4 big

5 big

6 big

7 big

8 big

9 big

They’re so cute!