Almost 21

Tomorrow, the 17th of May I will turn 21. That means I can go to the US and buy alcohol. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this to happen. I really want to go to the US, but I think it would be boring if I’m not old enough to go to pubs and parties because you have to be 21. Now that I’m 21 I can finally travel to this HUGE country without thinking about being underaged.

Tomorrow is also Norways National Day. This means everyone is off work and school to celebrate this day. Me and my family celebrate myself and Norway in one party. I’m going to have my birthday party today though. I don’t have time to celebrate tomorrow because my boyfriend and I have to travel to Oslo again and it sucks when you have to leave your own party. Of course, those who wants to come back tomorrow for some cake and coffee is welcome. It’s my birthday after all and having your birthday without any sort of celebration is just boring. If you read this and live close to me, please come to my birthday tomorrow. I have cake!

I will take some pictures tomorrow so that I can show you how we celebrate. We have our national clothing on and it’s really cool! It’s called a “bunad” and is really cool. I will try to take some pics of myself in my bunad and show it to you. I will also show you some pictures of the “russetog”. Here in Norway, when you graduate, you celebrate with being a “russ” from 1st of May to the 17th of May. All the graduation students have blue, red, black or green pants on in this period and they party, drive cars with logos on and have a really good time. They can be huge rebels though. For some days ago, 4 of these “russ” people stole 4 pinguin babies from a zoo in Norway and now half of Norway is pissed. Anyway, I’ll tell you guys more tomorrow if I have the time. If not, you’ll hear from me on Monday!

Here’s some pics from today:

IMG_9450 copy

Mom bought me flowers yesterday. I love it when they have different colours.
IMG_9451 copy IMG_9452 copyIMG_9457 copy IMG_9458 copy IMG_9459 copy IMG_9468 copy IMG_9471 copy

We’ve made 4 different cakes for my birthday. I look so forward to show you how they look when they’re done! Mom is very good at knitting and she’s made so many of those cute sweaters. I love the touch with a rose as the head. They’re in the colours of the Norwegian flag and I really like the “national” touch. Haha, mom is so creative and cool!