National Day and Birthday

Yesterday was the 17th of May. For many of you it was just a normal Sunday, but for us, who lives in Norway, the day was very special. We had our national day and I had my birthday on the same day.

I just want to write a bit about my traditions this day.

It’s my birthday, so my mom, dad and brother (sometimes my cat joins as well) enters my room in the morning and bring some birthday presents, cake and coffee for me. I’m going to post about my presents later today. I got so many nice things from everyone!

When we get up, we put our nice “bunad” on. Bunad is the traditional clothing norwegians wear at this special day. It’s very expensive and many end up being without them half their life because of the cost. I’m very lucky and is able to use my aunts bunad every year. My dad bought his own a couple of years ago, my brother doesn’t have any and my mother wears her grandmothers bunad. So, my dad is actually the only one who’s paid for his bunad.

The bunad looks like this:

IMG_9631 copy IMG_9574 copy IMG_9573 copy IMG_9566 copy IMG_9563 copy

I have a bunad from my town. There’s different types of bunads depending on where you live and come from. I come from Trysil, so I have a Trysilbunad. There’s more different bunads for women, then for men. Because of this, the men doesn’t have their own Trysilbunad as the women, but they use a bunad called Østerdalsbunad. That’s the one my father wears in the picture above. The bunads have different colours and styles and because of my personal style I’m glad the Trysilbunad have black as the main colour. The accessories are called “søljer”. Those are the round pins holding my shirt together around the neck. The biggest I own is the one in the top of the picture. Our bunad looks a lot like the traditional clothes the sami people wear. You have to excuse my bad poses and weird face. I always look weird when I don’t take the pictures myself.

I also mentioned in my previous post that when students in Norway are done at high school, they are something called “russ” from the 1st of May to the 17th of May. They have red, blue, green or black colour and they have these pants with patches that they wear everyday in two weeks. They’re not allowed to wash them in this period, so if you are unlucky and fall on your ass and get dirty the first day, you just have to walk around with a dirty ass for the next 2 weeks. They go to huge arranged parties around in Norway, they spend a lot of money on their own “russebil” or “russebuss” (cars and buses that they design and make logos for) and there’s always a “best design”, “best interior”, “best name” etc competition. One of the russ’ who lives in my town won the “best interior” prize. They called themselves “Hello Titty” and even though they had red pants, their car was pink with a picture of Hello Kitty with gigantic boobs on. Yes, this is how it works. Here’s some pictures from the traditional “russetog”in my town:

IMG_9595 copy IMG_9599 copy
IMG_9602 copy IMG_9604 copy IMG_9609 copy IMG_9612 copy IMG_9615 copy IMG_9617 copy IMG_9620 copy IMG_9621 copy

I made the logo for the car in the last pic here. Some of them didn’t have enough money for a car, so they bought electric bicycles instead. A lot better for the enviorment if you ask me. The “russ” are very popular among the kids. You see, the “russ” make their own “russekort”. Those are cards every russ has. It’s like businesscard that they hand out to everyone. They write some silly things about themselves, maybe they have some jokes on them and they also have a picture of themselves on the side. Kids usually have competitions among each other and the goal is to have as many different “russekort” as possible and they want as many different colours as possible. Green is very rare in our area, and so is blue. Black and red is the most normal. I suck at writing about norwegian traditions because I don’t know how to write about it, what words I’m going to use and my english also sucks when I really need to think about what I’m writing. So, if my grammar suck on this blog, it’s mostly because I really need to think about what I’m writing. And HOW I’m writing it.

Anyway. I forgot my camera yesterday when I went to the local 17th of May celebration. In our little town, we all get together and celebrate 17th of May with going in what we call “17. mai tog”. If I’m going to translate it, it’s going to be: 17th of May train. All people have nice clothing, norwegian flags and big smiles as we go in a very long line and just shout out: “HURRA, HURRA!”. We celebrate our national day in a special way. In the front of the train there’s a small orchester playing some norwegian, traditional songs that we march to. I really need to film or take some photos of it sometimes, because it’s harder than you think writing about it in english. Oh my God.

I also turned 21 yesterday and I celebrated my birthday the 16th instead of yesterday. I had some friends over for some cake leftovers and coffee, so  I kinda celebrated a little yesterday after all. Here’s some pics from Saturday and yesterday:

IMG_9629 copy IMG_9579 copy IMG_9577 copy IMG_9571 copy IMG_9558 copy IMG_9517 copy IMG_9511 copy IMG_9492 copy IMG_9540 copy IMG_9488 copy

Boyfriend hates me when I take the camera up from my bag. He really hates it, and I think he told me clearly that I should fuck off.

IMG_9526 copy
And then he loved me again!

As I mentioned in the start of this post (I think I mentioned it) I’m going to make a post later today to show you some of the nice things I got for my birthday.

I have now written an essay, omg, and have almost passed 1000 words on this post. I never wanted it to be so long, and if you managed to read all of this, you have earned a prize! I’m just really proud of my country and our cute traditions and really wanted to share them with you.

Hugs and kisses!