Forest trip

My boyfriend and I went out to the forest today, and I really love hanging out in the forest. It’s very mysterious, dark and beautiful. I tried to show it in the pictures, but it was easier said than done. I feel like being on the Kingsroad in Game of Thrones when being in it.

IMG_9712 copy IMG_9723 copy
Some boredom pics I took before our trip. He was so SLOW…

IMG_9744 copy IMG_9747 copy IMG_9749 copy IMG_9750 copy IMG_9758 copy IMG_9761 copy IMG_9763 copy IMG_9764 copy IMG_9768 copy IMG_9777 copy IMG_9785 copy IMG_9787 copy

Going to try take some more pics of the forest later. I need to really take some pics deep within the forest and not only on the trails. It looks great, I promise you!