Ireland – A meeting with Game of Thrones, Part I

Yesterday I got back from Ireland. I spent 6 days in this beautiful country, and I wish myself back. Hopefully I’ll come back someday later.

During my stay I went to see many different things, but the most important thing for me was the Game of Thrones Tour. The Game of Thrones Tour is a tour with a guide that lasts from 8 AM to 7 PM. It takes all day and you get to see some of the places were GoT got recorded. You also get to see the beautiful nature and countryside of Ireland and it was an absolute bonus for me. I want to share some pictures and thoughts about the experience. I need to part up the GoT Tour in two parts because the huge amount of text and images I’m going to post. I hope it will interest you and maybe, if you’re a fan, you’ll take the tour yourself!

It all startet at the same spot GoT started. Remember the first scenes you ever saw of Game of Thrones? The scene were 3 from the Nights Watch are trying to find a wildling camp and one of them find them all slaughtered and scattered around? That was the first spot on our journey. To get there we had to walk for some time and we all had cloacks that we had around us. They were the real deal and they were a lot warmer than I ever thought they would be.

IMG_1533 copy

The irish morning was foggy and cold when we left.

IMG_1544 copy

IMG_1551 copy

IMG_1553 copy

IMG_1570 copy

The forest was really thick and dark. Only a few beams of sunlight came through.

IMG_1575 copy

Love this picture. You can clearly see that the forest and trees are dead on the left side of the trail. On the other side it’s all green, living and beautiful.

IMG_1578 copy

IMG_1586 copy

IMG_1590 copy

This is the place were the three guys from the Nights Watch try to run away from the white walkers. The trees were really tall and they grew very close and it made the forest look and feel dark, heavy and scary. A perfect setting!

IMG_1592 copy

IMG_1612 copy

My cousin took this picture of me standing in front of the pit used as the wildling camp. Remember the dead girl nailed to the tree that the poor guy sees when turning away from the camp? She was actually nailed to the tree when recording the scene and the hole after the nail is still in the tree today. After recording the scene they had to remove all the fake snow and they have also cut down some trees after the scene was recorded. Sadly, it doesn’t look super familiar, but you can still see similarities.

01 camp

After visiting the wildling lair we just walked for 4 more minutes and we arrived at our second location. This was the location they used in the first season when Benjen Stark, Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister are camping on their way the Wall.
IMG_1615 copy

Our guide used to show us pictures and movie clips to refresh our memories around the scene. She also showed it to us so that it would be easier to look for landmarks and see where everything was etc.

IMG_1617 copy

The circle of stones in the middle of the picture (above) is the actual stone circle they made for the camp fire in the scene. If I remember 100% right Jon Snow was sitting by the tree closest to the right in the picture and Tyrion was sitting by the one in the back. IMG_1624 copy

By this tree Ghost is sleeping in the scene.

02 camp

A quote from the scene by the campfire.

Our next location was my favourite location. This is actually from my favourite scenes in the entire show. I’m a huge fan of the first season and what I really love is when they find the direwolves. Do you remember the bridge below? This is where they find the killed stag.

IMG_1629 copy

03 02

Our guide told us that the stag was 100% real and everything about it. The worms eating its flesh were also real. The stag was bought form a local farmer and it had died of natural causes at the farm. They brought it to the bridge, cut it open and made it all nasty, then they added some sweetening liquids to attract the worms and insects and after a couple of hours they had a nasty animal carcass lying around.

IMG_1633 copy

At the far right in this picture (above) you can see a gap. This is were they walk over the wooden bridge before finding the dead direwolf. The wooden bridge was built for the show and when they were done recording they removed it.

At the picture below you can see a tree and a stone at the right side of the gap. This is were the dead direwolf and it’s puppies were found. The direwolf and the puppies was around the stone and Ghost was all by himself by the tree. Our guide told us that when they recorded the scenes with the puppies they places treats around the areas they were supposed to stand. Ghost was an adventurous little pup and every time Kit (Jon) was bending down to grab him he was gone. He had wandered away to find something to play with in the forest. After several takes this still happened so they had to hire a boy that could sit by the tree and hold Ghost so that he couldn’t run away. If you think about it, you never see Jon picking up Ghost from the ground. You see him disappear from the picture and then come back with the pup in his hand. Now you know why we never got to see him pick Ghost up!

IMG_1640 copy

03 01

03 04

03 05

03 06

03 07

IMG_1641 copy

After seeing this location we went back to the bus again. All of us were hungry so we went to eat lunch at a place called Paddys Barn. We also got to hear that we were going to meet someone from the series. Knowing that the GoT crew were filming a battle scene only a couple of minutes of driving away we were very curious to see who it was. When thinking about who this could be, we walked through the forest and back to the bus again. The forest felt and looked like it was coming straight out of Lord of the Rings. It looked like Rivendell at some places.

IMG_1643 copy

IMG_1661 copy

IMG_1662 copy

IMG_1670 copy

IMG_1676 copy

Part II will come in the nearest future. To be continued..